Tri Spirit Conquer Athens Marathon

Written by Liz King on . Posted in News

Steve and Jackie Maxted took on the Athens Marathon, which is reputed to be the world’s hardest road marathon, and Jacqui even managed to score a personal best time despite the hills.

The results were amazing and just goes to show that age is no barrier to achievement. Jacqui crossed the finish in a personal best time of  4.41.03, shortly followed by Steve in 4.56.19.

Steve Maxted said: “OMG still sinking in that we cracked the World’s toughest road marathon. Most climbs are miles long and no run off in between until the last few miles to Athens. There was also an endless drag about 5 -6k in which they do not mention – it says flat! We stayed together for 16 miles, well into 12+ miles of virtually continuous climbing, my legs started to suffer so I to
told Jacqui to go ahead. She did a PB, on that course, and finished 8018 out of 18000, wow! I was around half way, finishing in 9551st place. I never expected under 5 hours.”

The GPS statistics show the first hill starts at around mile five and is five miles long, then it becomes more rolling for a mile, before there is an eight-mile ascent with no downhill at all.

Steve added: “It was not too steep, except for some spots, but relentless on the legs. So those two climbs total a half marathon! No wonder my tired legs could not speed up much for the easier finish into Athens. Most people looked the same although Jacqui managed to up her speed. I’m very proud of her.”



Elsewhere, Liz King travelled to Majorca and took on the Long Course Weekend, this event takes on each of the Ironman elements over three days. King placed in the top half of the women’s field with a total time of 13.07.41.

The next event from Tri Spirit Events is the Brett Owler Marathon, Half marathon and 10K this Sunday at the Julie Rose Stadium. Some entries are still available, but close at 6pm on Thursday. Entries will be available on the day if there are still spaces. The marathon starts at 9am, with the half marathon 9.30an and 9.45am for the 10K. The Mayor of Ashford will be presenting the trophies.