Owler Triathlon selected as National Championship for 2017

Written by Liz King on . Posted in News

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Tri Spirit events is pleased to announce that the Owler Triathlon middle event has been selected by the governing body to be the 2017 Triathlon England National Middle Distance Triathlon Championships.


The event takes place on 23 July 2017 at the Julie Rose Stadium and Conningbrook Lakes Country park and is set to attract the cream of middle distance triathletes from all over England.

Many athletes will stay for several nights to recce the route before the event, providing a boost to local businesses.

Liz King, event director, Tri Spirit Events, said: ” We are really proud to be able to bring the National Championship to Ashford after six years of hard working building up Tri Spirit Events. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our Tri Spirit Team mates who help make the events what they are. We would also like to thank our sponsors, local volunteer groups including the Pirates Canoe club and 1st Park Farm Scouts, and Ashford Borough Council.”

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